Video watch gets a 'big' screen

Chinavasion goes up to 1.8-inch version


The makers of a video wristwatch we cited awhile back are apparently benevolent types who don't want us to go blind squinting at a 1.5-inch screen. So Chinavasion has come out with a new model that ups the size of its color LCD to a whopping 1.8 inches.

As Technabob notes, it's impossible to call this a widescreen display with a straight face, but it does claim a full 16:9 ratio for MP4 viewing, as well as MP3 playback and an FM radio. (Whether it actually tells time is unclear.)

We're not sure how well this thing works, but the price is right: $56.74, which is even a tad cheaper than the original smaller version was a few months back. We're just not sure how it would look to lug one of these things around on one's wrist. But no matter what, it can't be as ugly as Discovery's wrist cam.

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