Video surfaces of what's said to be iPad Mini in the wild

A new video appears to show Apple's new smaller-size iPad being poked and prodded at. When Apple unveils its new device later today, we'll know if the video was for real.

A video making the rounds this morning appears to show someone with an iPad Mini measuring and inspecting the device.

While it's not known for certain if such a device even exists, it's widely expected that Apple will unveil a smaller version of its mega-hit tablet at an event in Silicon Valley later this morning. (CNET's live blog is happening right now.)

In the video, which was reported on by 9to5Mac, we see someone with what appears to be Apple's new tablet. He measures it and shows off its various ports -- including one for the smaller-size Lightning power supply -- but does not actually power it up.

A screenshot from the video showing the purported iPad Mini next to a full-size iPad. Screenshot by CNET

The 9to5Mac post also suggests that Apple will announce that it's keeping the current storage options -- 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB -- for its main iPad line.

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