Video: PSP Go, PlayStation Motion Controller and new games at Sony's E3 press conference

Watch our video from the Sony Press conference at E3 2009, including footage of the PSP Go, the new Motion controller, God of War III, Final Fantasy XIV, Metal Gear Solid and more

Take a gander at CNET UK's colleague from the US, Brian Tong, as he takes us on a whirlwind tour of the more interesting announcements from the Sony press conference at E3 2009.

Top of the list is the widely-leaked PSP Go, with a few more crucial details added to the ones all over the interwebs. There's also some cool footage of Sony's new motion controller at work -- it looks more advanced than the one on the Nintendo Wii, even if it is rather me-too.

There's also a shed-load of fancy games coming our way, and we have footage of God of War III, Final Fantasy XIV, Metal Gear Solid and ModNation Racers, among others. Enjoy.


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