Video phone for Japan's elderly

NTT DoCoMo's products reflect the country's aging population


Recent products from Japan's NTT DoCoMo continue to reflect that country's aging population, as we saw the other day with a phone created for the elderly or others hard of hearing. Its latest offering is aimed at seniors who might not be able to use a handset at all.

DoCoMo's new video phone device stays connected to NTT's broadband cellular network for health care and emergency situations, according to Electronista. Homebound patients, for example, can contact their doctors and show them their conditions on the device's 7-inch display, which also serves as a touch screen that can be used to dial out. For emergencies, the system comes with a remote that features a large red button that will automatically dial a pre-programmed number.

It could come in handy for anyone who's fallen and can't get up.

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