Video: Motorola's T505 turns Bluetooth audio into FM

Video: Motorola's T505 turns Bluetooth audio into FM.

FM transmitters are nothing new, and neither are devices that stream audio via the advanced A2DP profile. But we haven't seen many devices that use both wireless technologies in the same application. That's exactly what Motorola's T505 does: As well as being a slick-looking in-car Bluetooth speakerphone, the visor-mounted T505 can be used to stream music from an A2DP device directly to the car stereo, without the need for the latter to be equipped with the advanced Bluetooth profile.

It manages this feat with a digital FM transmitter, which searches frequencies in the FM range with the least noise to deliver the best audio output. The T505 will go on sale in the first quarter of 2008 with a price tag of around $139.


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