Video list: Top connected car technologies

Key connected car technologies to see on CNET video.

Here is an essential set of CNET videos to introduce you to what's happening in the connected car space. It's taking place on many fronts, so this is just a snapshot and can't possibly be complete so stay on top of all the latest in connected cars at

Toyota Entune shows a smart way of prepackaging a suite of apps so car owners don't have to manage them.

Cadillac CUE will debut in 2012 with a lot of cues from the smartphone home screen and computer desktop.

The GM OnStar Mobile App is at its most powerful when connected to a Chevy Volt.

MyFord Mobile will come into its own with the pending Electric Ford Focus.

BMW Connected Drive is one example of a platform that uses integrated Google, Facebook, and Twitter services.

Audi's new A7 shows off their latest connectivity, including built-in 3G internet, no smartphone required.

Pioneer App Radio is a big initial step at a new breed of head units that rely on your phone for core functions.

Nokia-backed MirrorLink is part of a trend to faithfully portray your phones experience on the dash, but with context and safety.

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