Video: Jaguar XKR convertible test-drive

Rory is sent slightly mad by the power of the Jaguar XKR in our test-drive video, comparing its throaty growl to a T-Rex gargling hand grenades

Rory returns to a dear old friend in this video, the Jaguar XKR. The Portfolio edition he tested last year was crammed to the exhaust pipe with mouth-watering tech, but this year's convertible model adds another ingredient: heart-stopping power.

Five hundred and ten horses-worth, to be precise, which is enough for even the sturdiest of riders to require a new pair of jodhpurs. Particularly when you hear the damn thing accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds.

The XKR needs a brilliant sound system if you're to hear anything over the twin roars of engine and wind and Jag doesn't skimp, with a glorious Bowers & Wilkins 7.1-channel setup. Controlled by an intuitive touchscreen interface, you can plug in your iPod or USB stick and soundtrack your own epic road movie.

Watch the video for Rory's verdict -- and increasingly colourful similes -- then check out our photo story for more deets.


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