Video: Jaguar XF Diesel S is a speech demon

The Jaguar XF Diesel S can be controlled using only the power of your voice and features an augmented reality parking-assist system. But can this cover up that it's just a diesel?

Most cars on this planet are controlled using a steering wheel and pedals -- these methods are too archaic for the new Jaguar XF Diesel S. Instead, this next-generation car takes its orders via voice command.

In this episode of the award-winning Car Tech, Rory demonstrates the car's uncanny ability to recognise multiple accents, by regaling us with his considerable voice-acting skills. He then takes a moment to show off its built-in TV, which has a reverse parking camera and augmented reality-style parking-assist feature. But is all of this enough to cover up for the fact that it is, ultimately, still a diesel?

Well, yes, but don't just take our word for it. Cast an eye on the video above see it all in action for yourself.


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