Viante Intellisteam cooks a full meal on time

The Viante Home Products Intellisteam coordinates mealtime. Three individual cooking compartments all complete the cooking process at the same time.

The versatile Intellisteam from Viante Home Products brings a full meal together at the same time.
The versatile Intellisteam from Viante Home Products brings a full meal together at the same time. Vianté Home Products

Cooking is a balancing act, but don't tell that to the appliances. As a cook runs from pot to oven, oven to fridge, and then back again, the coordination required to bring the cacophony of activity to a satisfying (and tasty) conclusion is not something that's easy to do. Trained professionals may attack this puzzle each and every day with relish and zeal, but the home cook doesn't have the benefit of a sous chef or prep cook (usually). They can however, have the Intellisteam.

Set to become available in July 2013, the Viante Home Products CUC-30ST Intellisteam is an intelligent steamer that coordinates mealtime. Comprised of three individual cooking chambers, the countertop steamer times the cooking process so that differing ingredients can all finish cooking at the same time.

A series of eight preset functions allow the user to select the menu item of choice. From left to right in the picture above, the icons represent: eggs, leaf and pod vegetables, meat and poultry, fish and shellfish, root vegetables, sauces and fruits, rice and pasta while the final setting is a "keep warm" function. Additionally, each compartment can be used manually, giving users control as well as a wide variety of automatic options.

A complete meal satisfies desire when the variety is served up piping hot all at the same time. Balancing the amount and intensity of steam delivered to each compartment allows the Intellisteam to bring the full meal together using a simple and intuitive interface with no culinary training required.

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