Vevo plus Google TV: It's what MTV used to be

Vevo has announced an enhanced user interface for its service on Google TV. It hopes to make browsing for music videos a more TV-like experience.

Vevo on Google TV

Remember the good old days when MTV was all about music videos and shows that were actually about music? Sadly, reality television has put an end to all that, but if you use Google TV, you can now reclaim that experience with a little help from Vevo.

Just prior to the CTIA Fall 2010 show, Vevo announced an enhanced user interface for the Google TV platform. So rather than simply searching for music videos through the onscreen browser, Vevo will deliver a customized wrapper designed to mimic the classic cable TV surfing experience, right down to working with the directional pad on your remote control.

The new interface gives you access to all of Vevo's licensed content, which includes popular music videos from EMI, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment. In addition, the service has its own original content--delivered via channels--that focuses on artists and the music they create. Sounds familiar, no?

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