Vertu vs. 'Veptu'? No comparison

The highest-end phone gets an inferior knockoff.

Chip Chick

It's unclear why anyone would want to make a knockoff of Vertu's phones. For one thing, it would seem virtually impossible to do justice (or something) to its unique designs and highest-end materials. Perhaps even more difficult would be keeping up with its production schedule because Vertu keeps paying homage to itself with new lines.

None of these reasons are enough to dampen the spirit of Chinese entrepreneurism, which has manifested itself in the form of the "Veptu." This phone is purportedly also a luxury handset, finished in 18k or 24k gold plate and even diamonds if so requested, according to Chip Chick.

Regardless of the similarities and telephonic features, however, the Veptu will never bear any resemblance in one particular department: price. At $215 to $650, it won't even come close to approaching Vertu's range, which can reach $310,000 and probably even higher for models we're not aware of.

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