Vertu phones honor its favorite subject--itself

A second line commemorates the luxury handset maker's 10th anniversary.


Having created such specimens as the $310,000 "Signature Cobra," it's not surprising that Vertu is a brand that isn't afraid to celebrate itself. So even though it's already released one special line marking its 10th anniversary this year, there's nothing to stop them from doing one more.

To that end, the luxury handset maker has unveiled its "Rococo Constellation," also in honor of its first decade, following the "Monogram Constellation" that did the same thing. As indicated by its name, the new collection was inspired by the French design movement of the 18th century, according to Sybarites.

Oddly enough, these models seem surprisingly subdued considering their maker and mission. On closer inspection, however, the "Sapphire Edition" of the collection features cabochon sapphire screws, as well as a center stone button. Say what you will about Vertu, but at least they're consistent.

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