Version Master: corrections to the "verdict" item

Version Master: corrections to the "verdict" item

In my previous posting on this matter, I stated that visitors to the web site (who are not using the Version Master application) can edit the listings. This turns out to be only partly true. You can edit the URL but not the other data. I also stated that Symmetry does not check this information before adding it to the database. Tom Reahard assures me that this is not the case; the URL data is checked for accuracy before it is posted. I have corrected these inaccuracies in the original report. On all other issues, the report remains as originally written.

You should also know that alternatives to Version Master exist. There is, of course, the listing of current files found on VersionTracker (often mentioned here on MacFixIt and listed on my Links page). There is also a service that functions similarly to Version Master, except that it uses a monthly CD-ROM disc and costs $500/year. It is called the Shaman Update Server. I have not yet tried it.



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