Versace to launch luxury cell phone

Versace joins Dolce & Gabana and Prada to partner with cell phone companies and make a luxury cell phone.

When I first heard Versace was working on a luxury cell phone, I couldn't help but have a feeling of deja vu. It's not just because other fashion houses have jumped on the phone bandwagon (remember the Dolce & Gabana Razr and the LG Prada ?), but because I swear I've heard of Versace working on a phone before.

It turns out I was right. Versace did work on a Versace-branded Samsung E500 Versus back in 2006, which is positively ancient by today's standards.

But it seems this new version of a Versace phone promises to be much more high-end. It would have to be to justify the ridiculous sticker price, said to be a lot more than $5,000 (think leather, precious metals, jewels, etc.). The company behind this is ModeLabs in France, which also masterminded luxury phones for Tag Heuer and Christian Dior . This Versace luxury phone is said to launch in May, but somehow, I don't think there will be a line around for the block for this one.

(Via Wall Street Journal)

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