Verizon's secret weapon against cable companies: Amazon Kindle!

Verizon Fios commercial shows tech using Kindle

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Let me start by saying I'm in no way recommending Verizon Fios. Just file this post under "stupid things I noticed while watching TV." OK, so shortly after Verizon started rolling out Fios in New York it began an attack ad campaign against "cable."

In this ad, the installer--the Fios version of the "can you hear me now?" guy--apparently uses Amazon's Kindle reading device to keep track of his installation appointments while his competition from ComcastTime Warner the cable company uses an antiquated clipboard and pen.

Silly? Absolutely. But it's also telling of how Verizon sees itself against its coaxial competition. However, I don't know that "we use technology to get customers, even if it's not the best technology for the job" was the message it was going for.

Click here to watch the commercial.

And if anyone reading has any other "tech used wrong" TV clips to share, please comment. I could use a good laugh; it's been a long Monday.

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