Verizon Wireless offers new music apps

Three new music apps from Verizon Wireless allow users to create customized ringtones.

Verizon Wireless has launched three new applications that interact with the voice recording feature on select cell phones to allow users to create new content. The content can be used on the phone or shared with other Verizon customers.

With Sonic Boom's ToneMaker users can create their own music by layering their own vocals on prerecorded tunes. You can then use the clips as a ringtone or pass them on to others. ToneMaker is $3.99 per month on handsets with Verizon's Get It Now Internet service.

YouTones from FunMobility takes the same concept in a slightly different direction. Users can combine their own voices with a selection of prerecorded thematic YouTones performances to use as ringtones or audio messages. Also available on Get It Now phones, YouTones charges $2.49 for each created clip.

The last application is mSpot's Make-Ur-Tones. With this application you can create customized ringtones from a catalog of over 250,000 music tracks. Users select a 30-second audio clip of their chosen song before downloading the new ringtone to their phone. Ringtones are $2.49 each.

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