Verizon Wireless gets a SocialLife

Verizon Wireless announces a new service that allows its customers to access a variety of social-networking sites from their cell phone.

SocialLife on LG Decoy Verizon Wireless

In addition to a slew of other service announcements, on Tuesday Verizon Wireless introduced a new application that gives its customers access to a number of social-networking sites right from their cell phones. Dubbed SocialLife, the mobile gateway allows you to manage a number of social-networking sites, including MySpace, PhotoBucket, and MTV's Tr3s. You can view messages, approve or deny friend requests, post comments, or update profiles right from your phone. In addition to the other capabilities, you can upload any camera-phone images to your social-networking site of choice with one click.

Other supported sites include AsianAve, BlackPlanet, FaithBase, FLEE, LiveJournal, MiGente, and Rabble. SocialLife works with any Get It Now-enabled mobiles and costs $1.49 per month. Be warned that if you don't have an unlimited data plan, you will be charged air time or by the megabyte.

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