Verisonix flexible cardboard-thin speakers are like magic

Flat rectangular objects are not only really thin and flexible, but emit a crisp sound comparable with larger speakers.

Verisonix e-speakers

LAS VEGAS--Verisonix's e-Speaker appears to contain technology so advanced it looks like magic. The speaker consists of two flat rectangular objects covered in a black material that are not only really thin and flexible, but emit a crisp sound comparable with larger speakers.

The secret apparently lies with electrets--a sheet of metal that has electrostatic qualities similar to a magnet and serves as the diaphragm. This is unlike a normal electrostatic speaker, which uses graphite as the diaphragm.

The main advantage of this technology is its very low power consumption. How low? As low as 0.1W.

Verisonix showed us a few other e-Speaker models, as well as clothing with built-in pockets to store the speakers. Imagine a hoodie that lets you wear the speakers around your head instead of wearing a pair of headphones. You can transmit your music via Bluetooth to a receiver that's stored in another inner pocket.

We're told the Taiwanese company will not be selling either the clothes or speakers. Instead, it will partner with clothing manufacturers that will design and sell outfits or bags featuring its speakers.

We can think of plenty of uses for this technology. How about weaving a speaker into a picnic mat so you don't have to bring portable radios along for music while you munch on homemade sandwiches?

(Source: Crave Asia)

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