Utilities Updates: Wapp pro; CalcWorks; Black & Bleu; Auction Monitor; more

Utilities Updates: Wapp pro; CalcWorks; Black & Bleu; Auction Monitor; more

Wapp pro 3.1b2 installs a menu which lists the windows of all open applications. This version fixes issues with Navigation Services enhancements.

CalcWorks 1.7.3 is a multifunction calculator with scientific, binary functions & more. This release updates currency conversions to the latest exchange rates.

Black & Bleu 3.1 contains info on error codes, along with common causes and possible cures. This update fixes a bug that occasionally would cause the application to report that a license key was corrupted.

Auction Monitor 1.3b1 helps eBay sellers track bidding activity on their auctions. This release fixes problems with the Title and Bidder column displays, items with bids over $999 are now recorded properly, and it now handles bid retractions properly (also added a bid retraction sound). In addition, when the high bidder changes, user ID is displayed in bold until next update, Aal URLs can now be edited, and more.

SweetMail 2.08f13 is out.

CODEC 1.0.1 is a maintenance release of this 4D component that provides MD5 digest encoding.

VueScan 7.0.8 is an alternate film scanner driver for Nikon, Minolta, HP, and others. This release fixes several problems, including a color correction for 2x modes on Microtek flatbeds with dual lenses. It also increases the max scan size on ScanMaker E3 from 8.5x11.63 to 8.5x13.5.

LW_Serial_Bridge 1.1 is a software bridge between LaserWriter 8 and serial PostScript printers. This version replaces the LW310 file.

Yamaha CRW2100 series 1.0n is new firmware for the 2100S, 2100IX CDR/RW drives. It improves audio ripping from a scratched CD, fixes a problem with data written incrementally in Track-At-Once mode and it fixes a cancel issue during simulation in Session-At-Once mode.


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