Utilities Updates: Virex 5.9; Unreal patch and more

Utilities Updates: Virex 5.9; Unreal patch and more

Hard Disk SpeedTools 1.5.2 is now available. From a press release: "The utility for SCSI management can configure disks and automatically build a custom-tuned device driver for your specific Mac model; the new version is compatible with Mac OS 8.5. Additionally, a huge amount of testing and a few changes in this version appear to provide support for Norton Utilities 4.0."

Virex 5.9 is back. However, John Van Fossen claims it is still a beta version. Others claim it is the released version. Apparently, there is a release version, but some service reps will give you the wrong URL (thanks, Garry Dufresne).

Unreal patch fixes the network play problems, mentioned here last week.

AD Personal Backup 1.2.3 fixes several bugs.

Software & Hardware Tracker 3.1.2 is out.

Time Palette 3.0.4 is released. It "takes the guesswork out of figuring out the local time in a distant city."

Birthdays and Such, a utility that "reminds you of the important birthdays and anniversaries," is now available on the Web.

PowerLogix's G3 Cache Control 1.4.l is out.



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