Utilities Updates: Surf Express 1.5.1; Extensions Strip 1.9 and more

Utilities Updates: Surf Express 1.5.1; Extensions Strip 1.9 and more

FAXstf 5.0.5 is out. It is not an update for FAXstf Pro.

A Better Finder Select 1.5.1 is out.

Surf Express 1.5.1 is out.

Extensions Strip 1.9 is out. It features "full Mac OS 8.5 compatibility."

Process Manager 1.4 is out. It is a Control Strip module that allows you to view and switch among your Mac's processes (running programs.)

Anarchie Pro 3.5 is out.

PowerSwitch 1.0.2 is available. It fixes some problems with Navigation Services in Mac OS 8.5, adds the ability to select multiple files when used with Navigation Services in Mac OS 8.5, and does a better job of window switching in Mac OS 8.5. It also handles applications on unmounted volumes better and is more efficient when handling already collapsed windows.

Hi's Universal Saver 1.5 is out. It automatically saves your work at an interval which you select. The new version is "more robust and more refined than previous versions and includes a couple of new features."

ShadowIRC 1.0, a compact, fast and extensible IRC client, has been released. It includes full support for: Mac OS 8.5, Appearance Manager, and Navigation Services.

Tracker and DelProtect are two generic antiviral INITs, which guard against unauthorized use of certain System routines and file deletion, thus preventing a virus from spreading.

Retrospect Express 4.1A has been released.

Novell Netware Client 5.12b1 is available.

Yamaha CRW-CDR firmware 1.0q is out.



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