Utilities Updates: Style; MuchoFileInfo; WebFileAttributes; Applimac Slide Show; WebPics; Mac CallerID; more

Utilities Updates: Style; MuchoFileInfo; WebFileAttributes; Applimac Slide Show; WebPics; Mac CallerID; more

Style 1.9b4 is a scriptable mini-word processor. This release fixes a bug with the expiration date.

MuchoFileInfo 1.2 is a tool to modify a file's type and creator codes. This is a bug fix release.

WebFileAttributes 1.0 consists of a droplets, and applications that will perform common tasks such as: remove resource, change creator, and more. It is useful for working with HTML files, graphics files and other Web files.

Applimac Slide Show 5.8 is a slide show utility for images, movies, and sounds. This release improves compatibility in Mac OS X's Classic Environment.

WebPics 2.3 is a utility to create Web page galleries from digital pictures. This update adds support for accented characters, support for previous/next links on each picture in a series, user selectable display typefaces, descriptions, and caption text, and more.

Mac CallerID 1.3.8 can display and store info about callers for modems that support caller ID. This release fixes a bug with AppleScript getting the nth call.

Font Reserve Server 1.0.1 is a client/server font-management system. This update adds the ability to backup the Font Reserve database.

MooseCalc 1.1.7 is a unique multifunction calculator. This update allows a one time reset of the demo period, the events window is resizable, and it fixes a bug that prevented predefined calendar events with the =/AFTER and =/BEFORE keywords from displaying properly.

Calendar2000 1.4.4 is a calendar utility. This version adds the ability to reset the demo period once, it adds a Find command, and it fixes a bug when a user clicked on the help button in the event edit dialog.

WASTEfield 2.0 is an enhanced replacement for REALbasic editfield. This version is Carbon/OS X compatible, it fixes a conflict between WASTE and REALbasic, it adds support for a MouseDown event, and more.

Lexmark MarkVision 2.6 is the latest version of this network management tool to set up Lexmark printers. No word on what has changed.

Lexmark printer drivers 2.6 is a set of drivers for most Lexmark printers. No word on what is new. A list of supported printers is on VersionTracker.

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