Utilities Updates: Snoop; WebScanner; BBEdit Lite Enhancer; and more

Utilities Updates: Snoop; WebScanner; BBEdit Lite Enhancer; and more

Snoop 1.5is out. This update to the file and memory data editor adds support for Navigation Services, contains many bug fixes and is updated for Mac OS 8.5. For registered owners of Snoop 1.3.x, an updater is available.

WebScanner 1.6 is out. WebScanner is a personal search engine It scans in realtime only those sites you designate. New in this version: multitasking, http1.1 virtual server and relocation solver, new menus, more search engines, improved email collection, user-interface enhancements, offline manual, removed promote and welcome pages for quick startup, scan-only mode and smaller and improved SiteMaster. Found items can now be viewed double-clicking them.

BBEdit Lite Enhancer 1.0 adds a substantial list of new features and a Tool Bar to BBEdit Lite BBEdit Lite.

][2Mac 1.2.6 is out. It allow you to backup and restore Apple-][ floppies to/from a Mac. The floppy-image is stored on the Mac in a format that is recognized by IIe, an Apple //e emulator. The emulator, in turn, needs a copy of the Apple //e ROM in order to work.

8Tuner 3.2 is out.

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