Utilities Updates: PowerRip; Download Deputy; AShare Helper; Heat Utilities; more

Utilities Updates: PowerRip; Download Deputy; AShare Helper; Heat Utilities; more

PowerRIP 2000 5.6.1 prints PostScript files to inkjet printers.

Download Deputy 4.1.2 lets you create lists of files you want, then download all the files later. The latest version adds enhanced support for partial downloads.

AShare Helper 2.0b4 is an application to help AppleShare IP Server Administrators with the upkeep of their Servers by doing a number of minor tasks, then sending notification to remote locations via email. The update fixes a couple of bugs and adds several minor new features.

Heat Utilities 1.2 allows you to format, partition and optimize FireWire hard drives. Heat Utilities includes its own driver. The update features several bug fixes.

OneApp Slide Show 5.6.6 is a slide show and presentation tool for multimedia files, QuickTime movies, sounds and images. You can now use up and down key arrows during the presentation to modify the audio volume, the left and right key arrows to go to previous and next file in a manual presentation, and the space bar to pause the presentation (and any key to restart it).

Gluon PresenterActive 1.5 is the latest version of this presentation and image management software.

Farallon SkyLINE 2.2 is the driver for the SkyLINE 11MB Wireless cards, PCI & PC cards.

Formac ProTV 2.6fc3 is the driver software for the TV tuner/video capture card (listed as ProTV Stereo). The update fixes problems with the ATI-Card and G4's. Few more miner bug fixes. Fixes sound problems on G4's and Error message when starting ProTV on beige G3's.


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