Utilities Updates: PortTerm�1.0.1; iKey�1.0.3; Multiple Launcher X�1.0.9; NetClipper II�1.0; more

Utilities Updates: PortTerm 1.0.1; iKey 1.0.3; Multiple Launcher X 1.0.9; NetClipper II 1.0; more

PortTerm 1.0.1 is a serial port reader/writer

iKey 1.0.3 is a tool to automate your Mac quickly with shortcuts via hot keys

Multiple Launcher X 1.0.9 is a tool to open multiple files, folders, urls from 1 alias

NetClipper II 1.0 offers multi-platform clipboard sharing and chat

SSHKeychain 0.2 is a GUI for ssh-agent and ssh-add

Uninstaller 1.9.1 lists and deletes changed file/folder content

iClock 1.14 is a menubar date/time/ip; bird's eye view of timezones

iPodRip 1.6 is a tool to import iPod music to iTunes

  • PortTerm 1.0.1
  • iKey 1.0.3
  • Multiple Launcher X 1.0.9
  • NetClipper II 1.0
  • SSHKeychain 0.2
  • Uninstaller 1.9.1
  • iClock 1.14
  • iPodRip 1.6
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