Utilities Updates: OneApp Clean Text; Thoth; File Freak; BeHierarchic; eMail Alert; Mactella; Keyspan DMR; more

Utilities Updates: OneApp Clean Text; Thoth; File Freak; BeHierarchic; eMail Alert; Mactella; Keyspan DMR; more

OneApp Clean Text 1.2.3 is the latest version of this tool to strip text formatting, remove empty lines and more. The previous release has a bug appearing with some particular configurations of Mac OS version 8.1: when you open the program, there was only white space where the "Fix Paragraphs" and "Remove Returns" check boxes should be. This release fixes this bug.

Thoth 1.1.0 is an update to this full featured Usenet newsreader. The major change for Thoth 1.1.0 is that it has been revised for OS X final (10.0.0). OS X Public Beta is no longer supported. In addition Thoth 1.1.0 includes useful new features.

File Freak 3.1 allows you to quickly access your files by just typing a few letters. v3.1 adds "filters" which allow you to ignore volumes and files, improved compatibility with OS X, and minor bug fixes. It requires CarbonLib 1.1 or later and runs on 8.6, 9.x, and X.

BeHierarchic 4.2 Public Beta is now available. It works in Mac OS X.

eMail Alert! 2.5 is out. Its new Guest Access feature allows friends and visitors to read their mail on your machine using eMail Alert's built-in message browser and viewer. This feature makes it easy for fast mail checks without the need to configure an e-mail client to check that account. Select 'Guest Access' from the Tools menu to use this option.

iArchive 1.0 is an Internet backup utility.

EjectDisk 3.1.6 ejects disks of all types at any time using a hotkey.

Iconographer 2.0.2 is a32 bit icon and resource editor. It works with Mac OS X

EZNote 1.51 is the latest version of this text editor that can also function like a multiple clipboard utility.

MoosePad 1.2.1 is a replacement for Apple's Note Pad.

Mactella 1.0.5 is the latest version of this client for the Gnutella file sharing system.

Keyspan Digital Media Remote 2.0.1 is the latest driver software for this remote control unit.


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