Utilities Updates: Menu Master 1.4.2; Interarchy 8.5; Quick Change 3.0; txt2pdf 9.3; more

Utilities Updates: Menu Master 1.4.2; Interarchy 8.5; Quick Change 3.0; txt2pdf 9.3; more

Menu Master 1.4.2: haxie to modify/add new menu item shortcuts. The new release addresses a problem with applications made with py2app (such as the official BitTorrent client) that exported their own objc_msgSend symbol.

Interarchy 8.5: FTP, SFTP, HTTP, WebDAV, iDisk and network/net app. The new release has a Dock menu and enhanced Scripting Support.

Quick Change 3.0: File type/creator changer, illegal character removal. The new release adds automatic illegal character replacement in file names for copying them to other platforms.

txt2pdf 9.3: converter from text to PDF. The new release fixes a bug where the temporary files were not deleted on AIX and HPUX.

PodView 1.5: play movies/photos at fullscreen and import content from iPod. The new release has some improvements in the UI.

iProtector 1.3: lock and unlock any file type with strong encryption. The new release fixes an issue with undeleted locked files.

Dragster 1.0.2: drag/drop file transfer to email, servers, idisk, local drives. The new release fixes a bug in Dragster 1.0.1 that prevented connecting to Window File Sharing servers.

Yep 1.2.4: like iPhoto for PDFs. The new release fixes a rare unintended file renaming bug.

Data Guardian 1.0.7: 448-bit secure database for addresses, passwords. The new release fixes a crash on quit after having saved a new file.

  • Menu Master 1.4.2
  • Interarchy 8.5
  • Quick Change 3.0
  • txt2pdf 9.3
  • PodView 1.5
  • iProtector 1.3
  • Dragster 1.0.2
  • Yep 1.2.4
  • Data Guardian 1.0.7
  • More from Utilities Updates

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