Utilities Updates: Mac OS 8.5 compatibility updates and more

Utilities Updates: Mac OS 8.5 compatibility updates and more

  • Ready,Set,Go! 7.0.9 Diwan Software Ltd. has released a new Mac OS 8.5 compatible version of Ready,Set,Go!. Paul Ringsmuth tried it and reports it worked great!
  • CD-ROM SpeedTools 3.9.2 includes a compatibility fix for Mac OS 8.5.
  • DOCMaker 4.8.4 adds Mac OS 8.5 compatibility.
  • Sonnet Crescendo 1.2.6b1 is out (I guess 1.2.5 did not solve all the 8.5 problems).
  • World Clock CSM 2.5v1 is out. It fixes the incompatibility of the MaBaSoft registration routine with MacOS 8.5. This incompatibility was due to the new Appearance 1.1.
  • MacDCF77 2.0 public beta is available. It is an automated client/server clock synchronization program. The MacDCF77 server is a full NTP (Network Time Protocol) server and works with the MacDCF77 NTP client and with Apple's 8.5 Date & Time NTP client.
  • Consultant 2.5.3 is out (as predicted last time).
  • File Buddy 4.3.8is out.
  • A Better Finder Select 1.4.1 is out.
  • Desktop Cleaner 1.0 is out.
  • MediaWrapper Light 2.0.3 is out. It's updated to support the iMation Superdisk. MediaWrapper Light 2.0.3 lets you scan a removable disk, and print out the contents on a wrapper that you can insert into the disk case.
  • Vicom Internet Gateway 5.0.1is available.
  • Color Picker Pro 2.5.0 was released earlier this month. Enhancements include the addition of drag and drop functionality and most notably the ability for Color Picker Pro to detect paste and drags containing hex values and Netscape defined colors.

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