Utilities Updates: Little Snitch 1.2.3; iXiu 1.0a7; nova media iSync plugins 2.9.1; more

Utilities Updates: Little Snitch 1.2.3; iXiu 1.0a7; nova media iSync plugins 2.9.1; more

Little Snitch 1.2.3: shows alert on outgoing network connections. This version of Little Snitch adds protection from a security vulnerability in Mac OS X for PowerPC where malicious applications could execute arbitrary program code in the context of other applications: "Code Injection Alert"

iXiu 1.0a7: copy/paste everything on pasteboards of glass. The new release has updated contextual menus.

nova media iSync plugins 2.9.1: mobile phone support for iSync. The new release supports the BenQ-Siemens EL71 as well as the Nokia 6102i, 3250, and E70.

Groupcal 3.34: manage Exchange calendars in iCal. The new release fixes a problem added in 3.33 that would cause Groupcal to be unable to sync on various systems (the console log will contain a message containing the text "mutable").

iSquint 1.4.3: iPod video converter: AVI, MPG, MOV to MPEG-4 and H.264.

LaunchBar 4.1.1: open apps, files, URLs and more via abbreviation. The new release has an improved "Development Resources" indexing rule. The documentation scanner now supports the new folder structure and file name scheme introduced by the May 2006 ADC Reference Library.

Telekinesis 1.0: use Front Row remote to act as a keyboard.

ChangeCapture 0.2.1: change the file format of Finder screenshots. The new release is a Universal Binary.

Syncopation 1.0: synchronize iTunes libraries on multiple Macs.

  • Little Snitch 1.2.3
  • iXiu 1.0a7
  • nova media iSync plugins 2...
  • Groupcal 3.34
  • iSquint 1.4.3
  • LaunchBar 4.1.1
  • Telekinesis 1.0
  • ChangeCapture 0.2.1
  • Syncopation 1.0
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