Utilities Updates: iStumbler 98; Folder Cleaner 1.1; Keyword Manager 1.1.1; CoolBook 1.3; more

Utilities Updates: iStumbler 98; Folder Cleaner 1.1; Keyword Manager 1.1.1; CoolBook 1.3; more

iStumbler 98: find AirPort networks, Bluetooth devices, Bonjour services. The new release has a re-written AirPort plugin that now correctly reports signal for all AirPort chip-sets, provides more information about all networks.

Folder Cleaner 1.1: deletes hidden files from a folder or an external hard drive. The new release adds the possibilty to eject the volume that you choose with administrator privileges (if you choose another thing that a Volume, it will be ignored).

Keyword Manager 1.1.1: improves iPhoto's keywording capabilities. The new release has better performance, Dutch localization, French localization.

CoolBook 1.3: monitor and modify MacBook/Pro cpu parameters. The new release has support for a missing iMac model and has other minor fixes.

Em@ilCRX 1.5.7: email filter, forwarding, spam reporting tool. This release adds the ability to trace and report phishers, and "spamvertized" links.

launch2net 1.5.7: auto setup of HSDPA, 3g umts, edge, gprs. The new release fixes a bug which prevented the use of some network settings.

GlowWorm FW Lite 1.5.2b8: network security and monitoring app. The new release adds support for showing the relevant host names for authorization alerts instead of relying on reverse dns.

A Better Finder Rename 7.6.1: file, photo, MP3 batch renamer. This release fixes a bug that affected the editing of existing droplets.

CrushFTP 4.0.7: FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV server. This release has a CrushFTP Dashboard Widget for monitoring the WebStatistics from the Dashboard in OS X Tiger.

  • iStumbler 98
  • Folder Cleaner 1.1
  • Keyword Manager 1.1.1
  • CoolBook 1.3
  • Em@ilCRX 1.5.7
  • launch2net 1.5.7
  • GlowWorm FW Lite 1.5.2b8
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