Utilities Updates: Intuos driver; AliasMenu (coming soon); BugScan; more

Utilities Updates: Intuos driver; AliasMenu (coming soon); BugScan; more

Wacom Intuos driver 4.3 is out. It is "for the Intuos line of tablets only." [Note: we predicted this update previously. It should supposedly fix a "wake from sleep" crash.]

AliasMenu 2.1 will be available "very soon." It will be compatible with the recently released BeHierarchic 4. With both AliasMenu and BeHierarchic installed, BeHierarchic will handle hierarchical menus in AliasMenu's menus exactly like in the Apple menu.

BugScan 1.2.3 has been posted. The update to this antivirus utility adds scanners for all files related to the latest Worm.ExploreZip virus. Although this is a PC-specific worm, these files can still be passed on to PC users from the Mac platform.

Agax 1.2is the latest update to this antivirus utility. It has bug fixes and new Internet verification of Additives. A new SevenDust Additive is also available.

A Better Finder Rename 2.2.1 has been released.

FastEmailCheck Pro 1.12b1 has been released.

FontBuddy 1.3b1 is out.

Initio Miles 9100UW SCSI 1.10 driver has been released.

NetStatus Pro 1.2 is the latest update to this PPP timer utility.

TimeCache 2.0.11 is the latest update to this time and expense tracking application. It fixes a problem with turning off timers that was introduced in a recent update.

Macromedia Flash 4.0 (final version) is now shipping.

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