Utilities Updates: GraphicConverter; FlightCheck; CookieCruncher; XML Tools; more

Utilities Updates: GraphicConverter; FlightCheck; CookieCruncher; XML Tools; more

GraphicConverter 4.0.5 is the latest release of this popular image utility. This release adds a carbonized version to the existing 68K and PPC versions. Just a few of the many changes include added psp import, the PICT import dialog will no longer blink, bugs in the HTML catalog creator have been fixed, and more.

Markzware FlightCheck 3.9r8 scans DTP files for possible problems. This release corrects a problem with displaying the final document pages in Problems Layout and it adds renaming duplicate images upon Collect. Fixes include determining QuarkXPress lines designated as hairlines to be true hairlines when they will output at .125 pts., a problem which would display FreeHand based-on Pantone shades as unique Pantone colors and a problem displaying JPEG picture previews in the Image Info window. Markzware FlightCheck Collect 3.9r8 is also out.

CookieCruncher 1.1 is a tool to edit and delete Netscape cookies. Additions include a run and quit preference, a save a copy as, a revert command, drag and drop support, it now works with Netscape 6, and more.

XML Tools 2.2 is an AppleScript scripting addition to parse and generate XML data. This update adds native support for Mac OS X.

Lotus Notes Domino 5.0.7 is the latest version of this messaging and collaboration client. No word on what has changed.

net_clipper 1.0b4 allows the transfer of the clipboard from one computer to another.

Calc X 1.0 is a scientific calculator with trig, probability, and log functions. This update adds keyboard entry for characters A-F in hex mode, interface changes, bug fixes, and a new Mac OS X icon.


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