Utilities Updates: Fetch; VirusBarrier; DeskTape Pro; Invisible Finder; HogWasher; more

Utilities Updates: Fetch; VirusBarrier; DeskTape Pro; Invisible Finder; HogWasher; more

Fetch 4.0b5 is the latest beta version of this very popular FTP client. It fixes several bugs (and based on comments on VersionTracker, there were critical bugs that needed fixing!).

VirusBarrier 1.5.1 is the latest version of this anti-virus utility from Intego. For Mac OS 9.1 compatibility, VirusBarrier must be inside the Control Panels folder.

vScan 1.7 detects all files for all strains of the AutoStart 9805 Worm current at 10/24/98 as well the Graphics Accelerator (GAX), Scores and INIT-M Viruses. BugScan detects any combination of these files. The update has several new features including a re-designed help system.

DeskTape Pro 5.5 allows you to use the Macintosh Finder or Speed Doubler to copy files directly to a mounted tape volume. DeskTape Pro 5.5 now supports Mac OS 9.1 and VXA (Ecrix 8mm) and Mammoth2 (Exabyte 8mm) tape drives.

Invisible Finder 1.0 allows you to either search your hard drives or just click a button to find all you invisible files. Once you have found your invisible files you can perform

Hogwasher 2.6 is the latest version of this Usenet newsreader. It fixes PPP control, broken by Mac OS 9.1. It also adds several new features.

CharView 1.0b5 shows all printing characters of a selected font. Selected character(s) can be copied to clipboard.

FontChecker 1.3 is a font inspection utility. This is a minor, mainly cosmetic, update.

MoosePad 1.2 is a Note Pad alternative. This is a minor, mainly cosmetic, update.

Calendar2000 1.4 is a powerful, rules based calendar utility. Among its new features are added options for Jewish and Islamic Modes.

System File Backup Script 1.4 fixes a problem where running the script would erase the name of your computer.

Asante has released a 2.0.2 firmware upgrade for its FriendlyNet Cable/DSL Router.

Mac OS X only:

    TinkerTool 1.1.2 is a utility to alter the appearance of Mac OS X Public Beta.

    iRecall 1.3.2 is an enhanced version of Apple's Note Pad for Mac OS X.

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