Utilities Updates: DeskTape 5.0; DockZone; Tape; OrangeLink FireWire; more

Utilities Updates: DeskTape 5.0; DockZone; Tape; OrangeLink FireWire; more

DeskTape 5.0 is out. It works with Mac OS 9. It also "supports files greater than 2 GB, long Unicode file names and performs fully asynchronous reading and writing."

DockZone 1.0.8 is out. This utility delimits an area on the right side of your main screen, where the volumes and the trash are usually located, giving your Desktop a BeOS or Rhapsody look. The control panel lets you customize the dock colors and its width. The update fixes a bug with MacOS 9.

Tape 1.1 is maintenance update to this Mac OS 9 package utility.

Sherlock II Window Fixer 1.0 is a patch that gets rid of Sherlock II's metallic look and allows the window to be windowshaded.

TextBroom 1.2.3 has been released. It is a text search-and-replace utility.

CapsOff 1.3 disables the Caps Lock key on PowerPC-based Macs. This update fixes a conflict with Mac OS 9. Also, now there is no need to have different versions of the extension loaded depending on the keyboard layout type that you have installed.

PPPquencer 2.1 is out. It is now compatible with Mac OS 9.

MacPPP QuicKeys 4.2 is out. It too is now compatible with Mac OS 9.

PPPremier Timer 2.0.3 is a PPP dialer and timer. This update is now compatible with OS 9 and new G4s and iMacs.

KeystrokeRecorder 2.0.1 has been released. KeystrokeRecorder is an extension that records each keystroke into a file for later retrieval. This version updates the decoder that is available to registered users.

Novell Netware client 5.1.3 includes a fix for Mac OS 9 compatibility.

Wapp pro 2.3.4 is the latest version of this windows/applications switcher.

FavorStrip 2.3.1 is the latest version of this Control Strip Module to launch application files, other files, folders, disks and servers, and Internet URLs stored in the Favorites folder.

PrintToPDF 1.0.3 is the latest update to this printer driver that creates PDF files from within your application programs.

Drag'nBack 3.0.2 is the latest version of this back up utility.

Y2K Software Audit 1.33 checks your software for Y2K readiness.

VPC Helper 1.1.1 helps select and speed up changes needed to maximize the performance of Connectix Virtual PC.

iAddress 3.0 is an update to this "PIM, URL manager, text clippings server and file manager all rolled into one application."

YA MP3 File Converter 1.2.1 is an update to "yet another" MP3 file converter.

OrangeLink FireWire software for Macintosh 1.1 is an update to HotLink FireWire Board. It adds support for Mac OS 9, as well as improved FireWire disk performance, support for OrangeLink FireWire/USB Board, and support for OrangeLink FireWire CardBus PC Card. (Thanks, Trip Mitchell.)

Griffin iMate 1.75 is the latest version of this driver for the iMate.

Still in beta:

IPNetMonitor 2.4c2 is the latest beta of this Internet diagnostic utility.

Live Deskpicture 1.0b5 is the latest beta version of this program that creates a dynamic image of the earth that updates as the world turns.

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