Utilities Updates: ClipsPad 1.0; FileGuard; Substitute; more

Utilities Updates: ClipsPad 1.0; FileGuard; Substitute; more

ClipsPad 1.0 allows you to organize and easily access all the text clippings files that clutter your desktop.

FileGuard 3.2.3 and DiskGuard 1.8.6 are out. [Note: The U.S. ASD site does not yet list these versions.]

Substitute 1.7.8 is a bug-fixed update to this general purpose utility that can rebuild the desktop, change monitor depth and sound levels, version check, compact the System heap and much more.

MacOS Items Manager 1.0.2 fixes two minor bugs (physical size instead of logical size, selection doesn't change when sorting). This utility "allows you to enable/disable Contextual Menu Items, Control Strip Modules and Fonts, in the same way Extensions Manager does for extensions and control panels."

YA MP3 File Converter 1.0.1 is "yet another" MP3 file converter.


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