Utilities Updates: CleanApp 2.2.5; iStat pro 4.0; Utility Lock 1.0.1; MimMac 1.8.7; more

Utilities Updates: CleanApp 2.2.5; iStat pro 4.0; Utility Lock 1.0.1; MimMac 1.8.7; more

CleanApp 2.2.5: removes or archives apps and all dependent files. In this release, the calculation of language packages file size visible for the user.

iStat pro 4.0: monitor widget: cpu, memory, bandwidth, drive, fans, temps. In this release, support has been added for 8 cores in the CPU view. There is also live updating for network changes, disk mounts/unmounts, Cluetooth connections/disconnections, intel module installer completion (as soon as it happens the widget will update).

Utility Lock 1.0.1: screen locking system. The new release adds a customizable HotKey (Hotkey menu item, off by default)

MimMac 1.8.7: backup, cloning, file synchronization utility. This release fixes an instance that would cause an error when .hotfiles.btree was examined.

BackityMac 1.4.4: one-click backup, restore and burning. This release fixes a problem where a backup would not begin because of the location of the temp folder, and fixed an issue where a blank disk image would be created.

launch2net 1.6.3: auto setup of HSDPA, 3g umts, edge, gprs. The new release has a warning if a roaming situation is detected.

MiniBatteryLogger 1.7: graph battery charge, cycles, capacity over time. The new release can monitor several local batteries.

iSync phone plugins 4.0.3: mobile phone support for iSync. This release supports the Nokia E61i and Sony Ericsson W610i.

TabExpose 1.2: expose features for safari tabs.

  • CleanApp 2.2.5
  • iStat pro 4.0
  • Utility Lock 1.0.1
  • MimMac 1.8.7
  • BackityMac 1.4.4
  • launch2net 1.6.3
  • MiniBatteryLogger 1.7
  • iSync phone plugins 4.0.3
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