Utilities Updates: Apple Disk Copy; Apple MRJ; more

Utilities Updates: Apple Disk Copy; Apple MRJ; more

Apple Disk Copy 6.3.3 is out. This version "adds support for accessing disk images with the Macintosh Compatibility Application of Mac OS X Server." This seems to relate to an issue originally noted in an Apple TIL article (#60211): MacOS.app fails to initialize an image file created with createimage in Mac OS X Server.

Apple MRJ 2.1.2 is now available. It "incorporates the latest Sun security fix, updates JDK compatibility and addresses a number of outstanding issues from previous releases of MRJ."

InstallerMaker 6.0 is coming. It will premiere at the WWDC on Monday and Aladdin will post it online at that time. It "includes the new StuffIt 5 technology, which compresses installers up to 15% tighter than any other software installation utility. InstallerMaker 6.0 is now PowerPC native and includes several other new time-saving features."

FontBuddy 1.2b7 is out.

PGPi 6.02b3 is the latest version of this encryption program.

Distillage 2.0 Beta 4 for Mac OS allows you to create one single PDF from up to 5000 Postscript files. This latest version fixes several bugs, including a glitch where the "Use Watched Folder" preference was enabled on first launch.

Macally's iMousePro/iBall 1.1 and iStick are the latest drivers for these USB input devices.

SoftRAID 2.1.6 is out.

Epson Stylus Color 3000 5.6AE is the latest version of the drivers for this printer.

Vicomsoft's SoftRouter 6 is a major upgrade to this NAT software router for Macintosh. Used to connect networks to the Internet, SoftRouter 6 incorporates a new transparent web caching server that significantly speeds up browsing for network users.


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