Utilities Updates: AliasMenu; Strip A Post; OrangePCi; more

Utilities Updates: AliasMenu; Strip A Post; OrangePCi; more

AliasMenu 2.2 is a control panel that allows users to add customized menus to the menu bar. This new version now supports Default Folder. It also fully supports Multiple Users mode in Mac OS 9.

Strip A Post 1.0 has been released. Recently we received an email from a reader that discovered that his email address was included in the PostScript Print-To-File documents he created. Coincidentally, we now received word of this new utility which can delete the address from the file.

Jon's MacOS 9 mods is the Mac OS 9 version of this series of ResEdit patches for adding additional shortcuts and functions to the OS. New in this version: you can change/remove the "Logout" key when in Multiple Users mode.

OrangeMicro OrangePCi 3.4.1 fixes a startup problem with the OrangePC in a Power Macintosh G4 AGP series system.

EasyLife 1.0.0 "will help you organize the files you save on your desktop (or in any your HD's folder). You just save the file on the desktop and EasyLife puts it into the directory you want."

Doublet Scan 2.1.3 is the latest update to this utility that finds all the duplicate files on your hard disks.

VPC Helper v1.1 is out. It's the latest update to this utility that "will quickly prepare your Mac for Virtual PC use and allow one-click configuration and return."

Control PPP 2.1 is out. It is compatible with Mac OS 9. It fixes a bug with screen savers and adds a few minor new features.

FastEmailCheck Pro 2.0dr8 is the latest beta version of this program that can help you to save time when you are checking for multiple email accounts.


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