USB locket is a sad comment on what we love

It used to be photos of loved ones (or illicit substances), but now we have this.


This is a sad commentary on the state of modern culture. There was a time when lockets were reserved for photos of loved ones or, in the '70s, perhaps a gram or two of an illicit substance. Now? A USB drive.

It's obviously not the first time we've seen a memory stick worn around the neck, but most of those trinkets were the actual drive themselves. There's something about secreting it as a hidden treasure that makes this "Olinari Sterling Silver Dog Tag" particulary perverse, not to mention overpriced at $349 (or $319 without the 2GB Sony Micro Vault). Luxist calls it "the perfect hoiday gift for that hard-to-buy-for, rugged person" (rugged?) but we're reasonably sure we could come up with something better for that kind of money.

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by Bridget Carey