Urban grocery track

Puma's urban grocery track.

Puma Urban Mobility

So everyone's on the BYOB Bandwagon these days ~ not exactly a NEW concept...(oh, and that's Bring Your Own Bag to the supermarket, etc.). But let's step back and look at this...odds are most people are using those just to put them into their cars and drive them home. So sure we're saving the use of plastic bags, but they are still DRIVING.

What about those who walk? There are old-school options far more practical than just the usual bags...I think of the little old ladies when I was living in Milan, Italy, who had their roller carts. You see those carts and you think "old ladies with groceries."

WELL, thanks to Puma, you can not only erase that visual from your mind...but JOIN them! As a part of Puma's Urban Mobility line, this Grocery Track is a sleek, chic (dare I say--sporty?) alternative to the reusable bags, etc, etc. Oh, and it's also 20 percent off with the code BTS20 until August 23.

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