Upgrade your Eee PC with add-on SSD chips

More SSD chips for the Asus Eee PC.

Love your Eee PC but hate its skimpy 4GB-20GB of SSD storage? Our most recent Eee PC, the 9-inch Eee 901, had a 12GB SSD chip (you can get 20GB in the Linux version), but even that makes it hard to install apps or store photos, music, and so on. The new 10-inch Eee PC will sport up to 40GB of SSD storage, but we're already talking about a $699 laptop there.

As an alternative, memory maker Buffalo is working on 32GB and 64GB SSD chips that can plug right into the PCI-E slot on the Eee's motherboard (which is easily accessible under a panel on the laptop's bottom).

The chips are coming in September; expect to pay around $150 for the 32GB version and $300 for the 64GB version. These will no doubt be followed by even larger, cheaper versions down the road.

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