Update: Manny Ramirez goes from RBIs to ribs

Boston Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez helps hawk his neighbor's grill on eBay.

Update: According to Boston.com's Extra Bases blog, the grill on eBay doesn't belong to Manny Ramirez. The grill reportedly belongs to Ramirez's neighbor; Ramirez is just helping drive up the bid price.

Major League Baseball players get paid a lot of money. But the sad truth is, they don't get a lot of downtime to enjoy all the things they can afford.

Manny being Manny: The RBI machine with his rib-eye machine.

Case in point: Boston Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez is selling his high-end grill on eBay, claiming he can't use it much because he's "always on the road." In addition to the $4,000-ish grill, Ramirez also will throw in an autographed baseball for the highest bidder.

It may seem like a hoax at first, but the hometown listing (Weston, Fla.) and photo gallery check out. We're still trying to track down a handwriting expert to see if the =] emoticon used in the description is consistent with Ramirez's writing style.

For those who could care less about the autographed ball, you can get a better deal on the grill elsewhere. The model shown in the picture is believed to be discontinued, and the replacement model--the Jenn-Air Three Burner 45K BTU Gas Grill--is available through Lowes.com for about $800. The current bid on eBay for Manny's grill is $4,800.

Manny's grill has demanded a trade.

Ramirez isn't the first Red Sox player to make a splash on the Internet this year. Starting pitcher Curt Schilling had a busy off-season in tech, launching his own blog and his new company, Green Monster Games.

Prior to that, Schilling made waves in the baseball geek/tech geek community by posting to the Sons of Sam Horn Red Sox forum with the username Gehrig38, as well as publicly touting his love for EverQuest II.

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