Update: Headphones for less than $25

CNET editors round up six sets of earphones for people on very tight budgets.

Find the JVC Marshmallow for as little as $10.

If you're going to get one accessory to go with your MP3 player, make it a decent pair of headphones. This may seem counterintuitive when you consider that all such devices come with a pair of earbuds in the package, but trust us when we tell you this stock set isn't doing you any favors in the sound or comfort department.

The majority of MP3 players include a pair of hard, plastic earphones with subpar sonic capabilities. Of course, they get the job done, so we can understand not wanting to drop a grip of cash on a new set. That's why we've rounded up a handful of headphones that won't cost you a penny more than 25 bucks.

Every option included in this feature offers an upgrade in either fit or audio quality...or both. And if you loathe sticking 'buds in your ears, at least one choice will let you avoid that unpleasantness. Also, take heed: many of the earphones come in more than one color option, so if you're not picky about hue, you may be able to save even more moolah.

Headphones for less than $25.

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