Update: Biofuels CEO taking new job

Larry Gross steps down from AltraBiofuels, but will head up a spin-off.

I'm very sorry, Larry Gross.

I posted an earlier story on Larry Gross no longer serving as CEO on AltraBiofuels. It was based on a report on Earth2Tech.

The story seemed to fit into a thread of stories of former dot.com era tech CEOs stepping down from energy companies. Some are doing well, but others have moved on.

Gross is no longer CEO of Altra, but he's not down and out. It turns out Gross will head up a company called Edeniq, a cellulosic biofuels firm that is being spun out of AltraBiofuels, according to a follow-up story from Earth2Tech.

My fault. I admit it. I cited the story, but could have looked into it more.

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