Underwater night-vision magnifying glass

For crossword puzzles in the pitch-dark sea?


We're no experts on night-vision technology, especially under water, but this is one item that seems to have extremely limited utility. As far as we can tell, the "Marine 2" scope is a waterproof device that provides night vision but with only 2x magnification and apparently no camera.

So unless you're in dire need of doing crossword puzzles or reading something up-close in the pitch-dark seas, we're not quite sure why anyone would want to spend 295 pounds (about $588) for one of these Spycatcher gadgets. Moreover, if this is meant to be a covert piece of equipment, the bright yellow color seems like an ill-advised option.

If you're really into playing aquatic espionage, you'd probably something more like this underwater monitor kit , which includes a 7-inch LCD and night-vision camera with a range of 9 to 15 feet. Either way, none of these items is as baffling as the night-vision Webcam .


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