Underexposed blog: Links of the day

Open-source tidbits: Marc Fleury dings Apache...Ulrich Drepper wants power efficiency...Fedora getting new partition resizing tools.

  • Marc Fleury dings Apache Software Foundation -- JBoss founder says Apache should get over the BSD license and work with other Java projects such as JBoss or Sun Microsystems' OpenJDK rather than replicate its own.
  • Harald Welte leaves OpenMoko -- He's getting back into GPL enforcement after "quite a bit of internal friction" at OpenMoko, an attempt to make an open-source mobile phone that began at Taiwanese company FIC.
  • Ulrich Drepper: Energy saving is everybody's business -- A call to arms for programmers to make their code interrupt the CPU less often, and a hint that Intel's Arjan van de Ven is working on something beyond the PowerTop utility.
  • CIFS Server at OpenSolaris.org -- Some evidence of cooperation between Sun and Microsoft after what looked like a lot of vapor in the air. CIFS is Microsoft software for networked file systems; supporting it makes it easier for non-WIndows machines to fit in. Ask Samba guys.
  • Jeremy Katz: Fedora Linux partition desizing -- A video of a new partition-resizing tool likely to arrive in Red Hat's Fedora 9. This partition stuff is still a huge technical challenge for Linux; when will we finally get beyond primary vs. logical partition limits from ancient x86 machines?
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