Unborn babies name themselves with iPhone app

The Kick to Pick iPhone app lets your baby choose a name from among thousands with just one swift in utero kick.

Kick to Pick
Looks like Junior is going to be named after a famous royal. Kick to Pick

It was hard enough coming up with names for my cats. I can't imagine the struggle to find just the right name for a human baby. Busy parents-to-be can now hand the baby-naming burden off to their unborn children with the Kick to PickiPhone app.

Choose your favorite names from a list of thousands or let the app randomly pick from boys' or girls' names in its database.

The 99-cent app takes the term "baby bump" in a whole new direction. Start up the kick picker, place the iPhone on your belly, and wait for your baby to give a hearty kick. You can stick with the name Junior lands on or try again.

I picked out a few names and tested out the app. I'm not pregnant, but it still works with the tap of a finger. If I have a boy, he will be named "Festus." If it's a girl, she will be called "Agnes." My imaginary kids are going to hate me.

Kick to Pick doesn't shy away from some of the unusual names that are so popular with Hollywood types. You can, for example, throw "Captain," "London," "Early," and "Zebulon" into the name hopper.

If your little angel complains when he gets older, you can just say remind him that he picked his own name using an iPhone app.

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