Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Ubuntu on internet devices may be a better alternative than tiny PCs, iPhones and every other attempt at mobile computing

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is demonstrating at Computex a reworked desktop image of Ubuntu built specifically for a new category of portable Internet-centric devices -- netbooks.

We've seen these before from Nokia, but the Ubuntu brand and mass distribution might be the thing that pushes this netbook idea into the mainstream.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix
Ubuntu Netbook Remix UI Ubuntu Netbook Remix

As described by Canonical--These affordable, power-efficient, small screen devices, based on the ground breaking low-power micro-architecture of the Intel Atom processor, and Ubuntu allow consumers to enjoy email, instant messaging, Internet surfing and on-line access to photos, videos or music with an affordable, reliable device.

Via Gizmodo

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