Uber more reliable than ambulance, says 'Sin City' actress

Jaime King explains to Conan O'Brien that when she went into labor, Uber was her obvious choice of transport.

Jaime King, Uber spokesperson. Team Coco screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The disrupters will be erupting with glee.

Yet again they've proved that the good old ways just aren't the good ways anymore.

If an app can't solve it, you see, it's simply not worth solving. This is something that Jaime King, actress and model, explained to a startled Conan O'Brien last night.

She was recently pregnant. Her husband was away filming. And, then the baby decided to suggest it might make for the exit door.

What to do? "Call an ambulance" would be the traditional reply. But, no. This is not the modernist reply.

"I took an Uber, because I thought an ambulance would be very dramatic," she said. If there's anyone who knows drama, it's actors.

But was this really all about drama, or had the app economy sucked King into its vortex with a rational appeal?

Conan's sidekick Andy Richter helpfully offered: "You don't want your water to break in your own car."

But King reached for the true, persuasive reason: "I know they say they're (Uber is) three minutes away and with an ambulance, you don't know."

The Uber driver, she said, drove her right up to the labor department and she gave him five stars. (I'm not sure whether this was during labor or later.)

She didn't mention whether he was in a Prius. This might have led to a disturbing occurrence, allegedly on the rise in some cities, where Uber customers try to get into the first Prius they see, rather than an Uber-Prius.

I wonder if King's remarkable sales pitch might overwhelm Uber, as expectant moms reach for its luxury service in the hope of a more reliable ride to the hospital.


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