Uber adds ETA notification to let friends know you're running late

You can now share your transit progress with friends through Uber's app so they'll know exactly when to expect you.


Uber has added the ability to share your location with friends when you take a ride from the on-demand car service, so they can track your estimated time of arrival, the company said on Monday.

Now users can select "Share my ETA" in the menu next to the driver's name, enter a destination, and then choose which contacts they want to share their ETA with.

Each of the contacts selected will receive a text with the ETA and a live map tracking the user's location. Uber is promoting this feature as a way to keep people you have appointments with updated on your transit situation, so if you're tardy you don't have to send messages or call to let folks know.

It seems to be a coveted feature by busy people on the go, if the rising number of smart calendars and digital-assistant apps boasting the feature are a sign.

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